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Color Mixing and Strategy Level 2

It's not easy being green. Or puce, or verdigris...



Do you wonder why your paintings feel muddy or dull, or why they don't create the mood you're trying to convey?


Do you have a basic understanding of how to mix colors, but want to learn how to use color effectively in your paintings?


Join me at my studio to work with color. You will come away with a solid understanding of how to use color effectively, including:


  • understanding the emotional impact of color
  • ability to use your reference material as inspiration rather that being a slave to it
  • freedom to utilize color to convey what you want your work to 'say'

  and unique to this workshop:

  • personalized color review and guidance for two of your own paintings (bring the original or a true-color print)

 * * *


Color Mixing Level 2

Thurs Nov 30th and Friday Dec 1st

10am - 3pm   $195


Taught at my studio, Redsokil Arts.

Please contact me to register.


* * *


This is part of my studio-based workshop series. Designed to make the most of your precious time, these small-group sessions include a mix of instruction, hands-on practice, and personalized guidance that's unique in the workshop world and focused on you. 


This instruction won't be offered anywhere else, and

registration is limited to 8 students


Do you have questions? Email me.

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