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This Saturday August 9th from 2-4pm at the Opus store on Granville Island, I'll be giving a free demo. This time I'll be working with acrylics. I'll show you how to use 
transparency, texture, and mixed media techniques to add vibrancy to your acrylic paintings. As always, I'll share my joyful creative process and hopefully get you excited to experiment with some new approaches to your work. 

This demo will fill up, so please contact Opus Granville Island at 604-736-7028 to register and reserve a seat.

While in Courtenay last weekend, I saw a lovely exhibit of new work by Vancouver artist Suzan Marczak called “Wildwood Stories”. The exhibit features paintings from two series: “Nurse Log Tales” and “Forgotten Steel”. Each painting is accompanied by a written ‘story’ that was inspired by the painting. This one is "The Elephant In The Closet".

I have seen Suzan’s work over the years, and was really impressed by the softness and masterful quality to this work. Check it out if you are on the Island. The show runs until August 3rd.

Experimentation is an incredibly powerful exercise. It's a great way to try out a new technique, or just blow the cobwebs out of the creative channels!  


When experimenting, it's important to:

  • Remove any expectation of producing finished work (although sometimes the experiments turn out great!)
  • Set up space so that you have lots of room and materials at hand. You never know what will inspire you to pick up the perfect kind of crayon, etc.
  • Start small. If I get a result I like, I'll move to work on larger pieces.
  • Don't worry about using materials. Companies have R&D budgets. This is your Research & Development!
  • Give yourself some time to see what emerges. Don't expect miracles in the first couple of hours. Leave work out and come back and look at it.

I did a week of experimentation about 3 years ago. It started something that is still informing my way of working. Recently, I've been back in the studio doing some more experimenting. A new series is starting to formulate itself in my mind's eye, and I'm trying out techniques to see what will get me there. I'll let you know what happens!

I love this book!  I've read it, recommended it to friends, and pull it out when I need a short break. It's "Color: A Natural History of the Palette" by Victoria Finlay.

Organized into chapters based on color, Finlay researches and travels around the world to track down the sources and mysteries around the production of color throughout history. Whether she is tracking down lapis lazurli in Afghanistan, or sharing anecdotal stories about Mr. Windsor and Mr. Newton, it's an enjoyable, informative read.


Sometimes on a beautiful summer day, I just need to go read a book in the park! If you're reading in your studio, you might want to set a timer. Enjoy!

Check out this year’s Sketchbook Project! It will be at Emily Carr on Granville Island this Sunday July 13th from 1-5pm.

I submitted a sketchbook a couple of years ago, and went to the event when it toured here. Thousands of sketchbooks!  You can select one by artist or theme, and they’ll pull a second for you to peruse. What fun! Hundreds of people sharing, looking over each others shoulders, and talking about art-making! Get inspired! You may even want to sign up and submit your own sketchbook for next year!


Check out their Facebook page for details and registration.

Hurray for the red and white!  This week's post features an older painting in Canada's colours, "A Way Of Knowing 11". 



I was out on Granville Island all day for the Canada Day celebrations and the last day of Jazz Fest. I wonder if I'll be able to see the fireworks from my balcony tonight?


What do you celebrate?

Jazz Fest is on in Vancouver, so music and art are on my mind. So often, one inspires the other. 


bg_44881403742386.jpg1                                             2                                3


My husband, a jazz trumpet player is inspired by paintings, especially Kandinsky. I painted a series of works over five days in the studio, listening to a mixdown of his latest recording. The one shown ended up on the cover of the "Casual Coordinates" cd by his East Side Quintet. I'm also really looking forward to seeing the Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller exhibit "Lost In The Memory Place" at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Cardiff uses music and sound as a medium in her works such as "40 Part Motet" and "The Murder Of Crows".


There are so many parallels in the process of creating music and art. Cooking too, although I'll save that for another post : ) Sometimes I sketch when out listening to music - maybe quick sketches of the musicians and surroundings, but often abstract things that are brought to the surface by the music. 


Are you inspired by music?  How does it manifest in your work?


If you play music in the studio while you work, what do you listen to? 

In my studio, you'll hear everything from swinging jazz to classic rock tunes, a bit of classical, and country radio. And sometimes all you hear is the people and traffic swirling past, and the swish of the brush in the water jug : )

Happy listening and happy painting!


1. "Composition No. 8" by Kandinsky

2. "Flight of Crows" by Lori Sokoluk

3. "40 Part Motet" by Janet Cardiff

Just finished this painting, and dropped it off at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island. It will be on display (in rotation with other pieces) between July 1st and August 17th. 

This 40" x 30" canvas is a bit unusual as I've been working on small to mid-sized pieces for the past year and a half. I'm really enjoying the physicality of painting larger, and am gearing up to do a new series based on the elements that are going to be 36" x 36". 


This piece is also unusal in that it doesn't have a title. Usually I love titles, and those of you that are familiar with my work know I can come up with some great ones! Nothing has come to me for this one - nothing that has stuck at least. If you have a good idea for a title, let me know. If I use it, I'll send a small gift your way!

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