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Dark waters mesmerize and inspire me.


The first Black Pool painting was inspired by time spent on the west coast of Vancouver Island, with nothing but the Pacific Ocean stretching out to the horizon line. 


Beautiful sand beaches from long scallops along land’s edge. Between each beach and the next is a rocky outcrop where huge boulders trap water. Surrounded on three sides by forest, these black pools are still as mirrors. I love to think that these pools reflect our world, while also acting as secret portals to mysterious otherworlds beneath the surface. 


Black Pool (48”x24”, acrylic on canvas, collection of the artist)



I reprised the idea in a recent series, entitled Black Pool, and the idea continues to fascinate me.  It’s showing up in my current PortTown series as well.


left to right:

Black Pool 2 (24”x18”, mixed media on paper, $600, available at time of posting)

Black Pool 5 (18”x12”, mixed media on paper, $400, available at time of posting)

Watching Dark Waters (36”x36”, acrylic and graphite on canvas, $2850, available at time of posting)



I was excited to see this recent news article about an artist who created black reflecting pools for his show in an Edmonton gallery. A friend of mine got to create a watery exhibit at the Tyrell Museum in Alberta. I’ve always wanted to flood a gallery floor too! 

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