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I’ve been spending a lot of time in my studio recently, preparing for the Eastside Culture Crawl. With a deadline looming, momentum is high. But how do you get to that state where you’re firing on all cylinders, and progress is steady?

A Case Study:

  • Several months ago, I created a 10”x10” piece as a sample for a client. I thought there was promise in doing a series of similar pieces. 
  • A few weeks later, a stack of panels were purchased, and the base prints were ordered. 
  • Yet more weeks passed before I took a day to select, cut and mount the print sections that would form the base of each piece.
  • In the last week, I set up a table, gathered my materials, and laid out 3 or 4 of the dozen panels.
  • Since then, I’ve worked on these pieces without interuption to do other artwork. Each day, it seems easier to start, and the work progresses more quickly.
  • These small 10”x10” panels are stacking up!


How do you know you’re in that state of high momentum?

  • you’re eager to get into the studio
  • it’s easy to pick up where you left off last session
  • progress is steady
  • you sometimes take a big leap with the work


How do you get there?

  • Having a place where you can leave things out at the end of a session is ideal, as this eliminates many of the possible obstacles to starting work the next day. Just pick up your brush.
  • Show up consistently. If you can work with fewer interruptions or pauses, momentum will build. However, even if you can only spend 2 hours every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday, you will see steady progress if you keep at it.
  • Having a deadline (one of several, actually!) certainly helps! If you don't have an externally imposed deadline, challenge yourself to complete a certain task in today's session.



What do you do to build or maintain your creative momentum?


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