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I'm an artists because I love making art. But it's not a hobby. I make art. I teach art. I show and sell art. I'm a small business owner. Some day, I may have other people who do some of the non-art-making tasks, but for now, I'm the business. 

I'm heading to Colorado for an art business conference with Alyson Stanfield and Art Biz Coach. So I'm thinking about all the non-art-making activities that are part of my life as an artist.


I teach. That means I also:

  • devise the cirriculum
  • find venues
  • contact locations/groups and schedule the sessions
  • create web pages and related communications
  • answer questions from prospective students
  • buy and/or gather materials
  • prepare demo materials
  • prepare hand outs and other related information
  • pack up gear to take to off-site venues
  • travel to and from the teaching venue
  • publicize the sessions (posters, flyers, social media, website)

I show and sell art. That means I also:

  • research potential venues
  • check listings for submission calls
  • prepare submissions (write statements, edit photos, compile documents)
  • order framing materials
  • frame pieces and fit for hanging
  • pack and ship/deliver artwork
  • determine and maintain standard pricing


I run a business. That means I also:

  • lease a studio space, pay the bills, and keep the common supplies stocked
  • maintain a good relationship with my studio mates
  • keep my website up to date
  • keep my social media platforms up to date 
  • engage with others on social media
  • attend openings, exhibits, and talks put on by galleries and other artists
  • do my bookkeeping, file my taxes (pst, gst, and income tax) and pay installments on time

Whew! I'm tired just thinking about this list!


Many artists say that they spend about 50% of their time making art, and the other 50% doing these other activities. That's about my average as well. 


How much time do you spend on these other activities related to your art business?

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