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I have indeed been painting up a storm recently. But now it’s time to put that work aside and get ready for two big events in my studio. It’s hard to let go of the momentum I’ve built up, but I’ve had to make time to do non-painting things like:


  • put away all the stuff that’s been accumulating 
  • design, order, and install a sign for the studio door 
  • patch and paint the studio walls
  • varnish/seal and prepare paintings for hanging
  • log all the paintings in my inventory system
  • organize assistants for the event, train them, prepare reference sheets for them
  • get the word out: distribute postcards, posts on social media, send invitations and reminders
  • hang the artwork
  • prepare labels, signage etc
  • purchase/gather packing materials

Sometimes what sounds like a simple task actually has a bunch of steps.

For example, getting the studio door sign involved several brainstorming and design sessions with my studio mates, two trips to the hardware store, one to the framers for glass, pinging the landlord for door paint, finding a signage place, trying to determine the best way to get the proportions right in Photoshop, learning how to save the file in a useable format, back-and-forth with the signage place to confirm the design, a trip to their location to select a color...  you get the idea! I use a digital ‘to do’ list called ToDoist to keep track of all the tasks.


My Mother taught me well.

My mother was a great hostess. I learned her success strategy for getting ready for an event, which has three main principles: 


1. Plan as much as you can in advance. I used to pin pictures of the serving dishes with a note of their intended contents onto the fridge. 


2. Don't get caught in your slip. Make sure you complete the stuff you really don’t want people to see you doing. Do NOT be in your housecoat, ironing your dress, when the first guest arrives.


3. Your guests are your friends. Stuff that you can be doing when the first guests arrive can wait (like setting out glasses, or plating appetizers). Give them a glass of wine and invite them to help out.


 * * *


The first event is in 2 days. I’m still trying to complete one more painting before the Culture Crawl next week.


And I still have to figure out what I’m going to wear...

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