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I just finished a huge open studio event, the Vancouver Eastside Culture Crawl.

I love to do open studio events. Here’s why:


  • Open studios give people a low-barrier way to visit. I’m here. There’s no expectation that you have to buy something. Also, I’m ready and willing to be ‘interrupted’, not working on something that can’t be put down for a chat and a coffee. 
  • I get to talk about art - mine and others!
  • Open studio day concentrates my visitors. Sometimes connections are made between visitors who arrived separately, which is lovely. And my work week doesn’t get broken up but a bunch of sporadic visits. 
  • It gives me a chance to share and talk about my artwork and my practice. Being a visual artist, words don’t always come easily. When put on the spot, I sometimes say something that’s exactly right. It is authentic, not forced. I can then use those words to help communicate about my work to others.
  • Fresh eyes and questions sometimes spark real insights. An insightful comment or question can inspire me or expose another layer of depth in my work.
  • I clean up the studio, sweep the floor, and put the tea kettle on.
  • It’s good practice to clear away all the piles and mess, look carefully and decide which work is my best, or determine what needs a small tweak to finish it completely.
  • Seeing all the pieces hung together with care is a real confidence boost that you don’t get from work stacked against the wall. 


Do you hide away in your studio, or throw open the doors?

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