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This was the most impactful piece I had on display (in its almost-finished state) at the Culture Crawl last month. A significant number of you were drawn to it, spent a lot of time with it, and engaged in discussion with me about it. More of you saw it on Facebook or Instagram, and commented there. 

The Edge of Urban Time (48”x36”, mixed media and collage on wood panel, $3600, available at time of posting)


Thank you for all the positive feedback! It feels great to create something that resonates with so many people.


Photo transfers provide a lot of the ‘wow’ factor in this piece. More specifically, the photo transfers create:

  • density: large dark shapes that anchor what is otherwise a very pale piece
  • detail: hard-edged, fine-lined detail that contrasts with the rougher, organic drawing that I did by hand
  • focal point: The photo transfers seemed to catch people’s eye, drawing you in for a closer look. 
  • velocity: while it takes some time to select, prepare, and transfer the photographs, the piece develops very quickly once I start to get these big transfers in place. 
  • specificity: many of you spent time trying to discern the specific places/buildings in the photographs, leading to another level of engagement with the painting.

The Edge of Urban Time is now finished and on its way to the Vancouver East Cultural Centre (“The Cultch”) for an exhibition. If you want to see how it finished up, I invite you to join me at the opening reception Weds Dec 28th 6-8pm.

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