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As the year winds to an end, it feels natural to spend some time looking back, then ahead. 2016 has been an amazing year for me in my creative work.

2016 started with my first ever art residency. Uninterrupted focus and momentum allowed me to push the PortTown work in new directions, and I met a whole new community of artists. 

I am very grateful to all of you who have made places in your homes and spaces for my paintings this year. I've been fortunate to have multiple opportunities to share my work, and will wrap up the year with one more exhibit at The Cultch that runs until January 28th (details are near the bottom of this email).  


* * * * * 


A huge focus in the first part of the year was finding a new studio, lining up studio mates, moving and settling in. I am so fortunate - it's one of the nicest studio spaces I've ever seen. If you haven't paid a visit, I heartily invite you to stop by on a First Saturday or to make an appointment.  

I spent more time than ever in the studio this year, creating an extensive series of work inspired by the industrial edge of our cities. I also put increased focus on my art as a business, working with Alyson Stanfield and a group of dedicated artists through Art Biz Coach

* * * * *


Teaching has been a big part of my year once again. In addition to community centre workshops, I taught a weeklong summer school workshop at MISSA, and launched a new studio-based series of workshops. I'm deeply thankful for the workshop students and venues, and the private students, all of whom have trusted me to help them on their creative journeys.

* * * * * 


The 20th Anniversary of the Vancouver Eastside Culture Crawl capped off the latter part of the year. Being on the Board of Directors continues to introduce me to new artists and spaces, make me feel a part of history, and allow me to help make things happen for artists in this city. Participating in the Culture Crawl in my new studio location was also exciting - almost 4000 people visited my studio over the four days!

* * * * * 

And I'm very excited about what 2017 will bring ...

Last year was a year of significant change. In the year ahead, my plan is to extend and deepen what I've already started.

* * * * *


It's great to start the year with an exhibition. Recent work will be on exhibit at The Cultch Gallery in Vancouver, BC through January 28th (details are near the bottom of this email). A solo show is already lined up for the fall.

I look forward to pushing and deepening my work. Some insightful comments and questions from viewers along the way have ideas percolating in my head. Next week I dive in to see where they will take me.  


* * * * *


Teaching will continue to be an important part of my practice. I will be teaching at the Artists of Kerrisdale in January/February, and at the Gibsons Summer School of The Arts in July. You can also catch me doing demos at ArtsWest and Opus Art Supplies.


Watch my website, or subscribe to find out about new classes as they are scheduled.

* * * * *

I absolutely will continue to share my art with you.
Thank you for being a part of my world and my creative endeavours. 

Wishing you all the best in the year ahead,


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