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I posted about a month ago about getting back to work after a big event. As I prepare to go back into the studio after a break at Christmas, I realize that I forgot one very important idea: experimentation.

A big exhibit or open studio often means bringing a body of work to completion. Final touches, signatures, titles, and entering into inventory. Varnishing/sealing, framing, labeling and fitting for hanging. It all feels like completion. 


So what’s the opposite of completion?  Beginning. How do I begin? 


For me, a particular painting often begins with some groundwork (prepping the panel, gathering my materials and tools). Then I start building the piece with texture and/or drips. It’s low-stress and characterized by curiosity and taking actions without a clear sense of the outcome. Sounds like creative experimentation...


This is exactly how I’m going to begin painting again. I’ve set up my studio for painting again, and I’m going to try some of the ideas that came up whilst talking about my work with visitors to my studio at the Crawl and since. I’ll use small panels and materials I have at hand. I don’t intend them to become finished pieces, so I might even test out a few different approaches on a single panel.


I’m off to the studio to experiment! 


What does beginning look like for you?

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