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I’ve kicked off the new year with a few teaching gigs. I teach in a variety of formats and locations, and have been thinking about what I’ve got planned and what I like about each scenario:

Community Centres offer loyalty, entry-level, and affordability.

These classes are a great way to meet new students. They tend to be subsidized, so they are a lower-cost option for students just picking up a new medium. I also feel a high degree of loyalty in the relationships between students and teacher, and between the course programmers and me. I’ve followed programmers from centre to centre over the years. Currently, I offer courses at Hillcrest and Douglas Park Community Centres.  


Artist Guilds provide community.

Each group is different, and I love getting a sense of the cultural vibe in each group. My community grows with each demo or workshop that I do. These groups are a tribe that support and encourage each other, over a span of years. I get to be a part of that, especially with groups I’ve worked with repeatedly over the years. I love seeing artists grow and change. This year, I’m working with the Artists of Kerrisdale and ArtsWest.


Summer School programs are fun!

I’ve recently started teaching at summer school programs in the region. People are taking art vacations. How fabulous is that? If the program is away from home, there is a social aspect as students and teachers hang out outside of the classroom. This July, I’m offering a week-long watercolor+mixed media program at the Gibsons Summer School of the Arts.


Art store demos are happy and inspiring.

These short-and-sweet sessions are a great way to say hello to familiar faces, check out a teacher you’ve been thinking about working with, or get a burst of enthusiasm and inspiration for your own work. I offer free demos at Opus stores several times a year. 


Studio workshops let me welcome you into my world.

It’s such a joy to share my fabulous studio. The groups are small, and we can get into more depth. I get to shape the program exactly how best to suit each group.


Private sessions build depth and relationships.

There is wonderful freedom in following personal interests and aligning the sessions with exactly what you want and need each week. We get to share more of ourselves, and often lovely friendships develop.



How do you like to learn? 

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