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There are many types of community. In this post, I’m thinking about my neighbourhood and groups I belong to.


One very important and immediate community is my studio, my studio mates, and the others in our building, called “Paneficio” (good bread) because it was an old bakery building.


It is wonderful to have an easy, friendly, supportive group so close at hand. Some days I’m on my own in the studio. Other days several of us cross paths. Still others, several of us are working together for a good part of the day. 


I’m also extremely happy to be in a neighbourhood with a couple of small corner store/grocery/cafes. I love being able to address the proprietors and several neighbours by name as we encounter each other. I don’t feel like I’m isolated or working alone. I can access food, tools, a hug, advice - what ever I need - probably even a cup of sugar : ) 


We also open our studio up to the community. We participate in open studio events such as the Culture Crawl and First Saturday Open Studios, an annual neighbourhood art supplies give away day, and opening our door for curious folks who see our sign and ring the doorbell.


You might belong to an artists guild that meets weekly or monthly. Maybe your church, or your running buddies. For several years I supported a particular charity in my city, and felt grateful to be involved with that group.


The point is to not feel isolated and alone, to be supported by like-minded folks, and to support in turn. Over the next few posts, I'll look at some of the other communities that encompass me. 


What types of communities support you?


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