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If you teach or take classes, another of your tribes will likely be your students/fellow students. 

This was my class from a 5-day workshop at MISSA.

I teach at community centres, in my studio, for several artist guilds, and private sessions. For the duration of a workshop, we all immerse ourselves in the community of the group - supporting, questioning, and laughing together.


I see many students over time, as they take additional classes, attend demos, or I work with a group again. Even online courses often feature video calls and private Facebook groups where people interact and often forge connections that long outlive the specific class.


I love seeing people’s work develop, and we get a sense of what has gone on in each others’ life since we’ve last worked together. Some students become friends. I so appreciate when students visit my studio, attend my openings, purchase paintings, or introduce friends to my work and my classes. My life is inriched by introductions to people and things in their network.


Learning is one aspect of taking a course, but it’s good to remember benefit of community and connection that they also offer.

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