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I’ve written before about being a professional artist means being a business owner. And business owners often have a tribe of others who run related or supporting businesses.


Professional associations have long been a source of business peer support. There are organizations like CARFAC (Canadian Artists Representation/Le Front des Artists Canadiens) and the BCATA (BC Art Teachers). Since late 2015, I’ve been associated with a group of artist/business people working with ArtBizCoach. This is me on a panel discussion at an Art Biz Breakthrough event.


Photo credit: Regina Mountjoy


In addition, we artists rely on other businesses to run our own. I couldn’t manage without my accountant. If you are an artist you probably have a photographer for your work, and possibly another for headshots and event photos. Artists that work in sculpture or public art have a host of other businesses that they rely on. 


Are any of these other professions part of business tribe?

  • picture framer
  • interior designers
  • lawyer
  • coaches 
  • bookkeeper
  • editor
  • the folks who make your panels/canvases
  • foundry 

I like to work with other small businesses, and develop a relationship with specific people. Working with the same person regularly is great because you get to know each other’s expectations, background, and quirks. This enables you both to work more efficiently, and have more stability in your planning. And basically, people prefer to work with people they know and like


This article mentions elements that make someone part of your tribe, vs just a business contatct.


What other business owners are part of your tribe? Have you thanked them lately?

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