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On Valentine’s Day, I want to shout out a big thank you for all your support.


Like many artists, I primarily work alone in the studio. Exhibitions come a few times a year. I don’t often get to see people’s reaction to my work, or strike up a conversation with viewers. It can be difficult for artists to find and connect with people that love our work, and keep our spirits high when the process of creating our art becomes a struggle.


Fans and supporters are media people, collectors, students, friends and family, teachers. You are the ones that always come to my openings, and often bring a friend who doesn’t yet know my work. You encourage me with a ‘like’ and comment on social media. You are the wonderful people who buy my work and proudly share it with others. You are the folks who respond to my newsletters with a short note of hello, thanks or ‘well done’.


On this Valentine’s Day, I’m sending a big heartfelt thank you your way!

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