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One of the great things about being an artist is that you probably know lots of other artists! They may be visual artists like me, or dancers, or musicians or aerialist performers. It’s wonderful to have so many creative, quirky, weird, wonderful people enrich my life in so many ways.



I’m often inspired by the work of other contemporary artists. It might be their drive, or the beauty and depth of their work that urges me to deepen my own work. I might listen to their artwork while I create my own. We might collaborate on pieces or projects, which often offers surprising twists and developments that wouldn’t surface working on my own.


Many of my fans, supporters, and cheerleaders are other artists, as I am to them. We help spread the word and purchase or attend each other’s creations. 


I find myself spending time with other artists, though not always painters. It’s fun and thought-provoking to go to exhibits/art openings/art talks with other artists, then spend time afterwards discussing. They can be pals, or offer an understanding, sympathetic ear to kvetch to. 


Artists are also valued sources of helpful tips and references to useful resources. The artists I know are generous with this kind of information. A cherished few I trust to give thoughtful, useful critiques of my work. 


People think artists are interesting people to know. I agree!

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