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Last time, I talked about the desire to deepen the meaning in your artwork.


If you want to deepen the meaning in your artwork, how to begin? I invite you to seat your logical mind at the back of the bus. We’re going on a journey of creative leaps and bounds, cause that’s how the creative mind works : )

Wind Through My Bones (14”x11”, watercolour on paper, sold) 


Start by asking “What are my predilections?”

  • what do you like to paint?  people? seascapes? flowers? 
  • what are you interested in?  Cities and how they develop? Horse racing? Tomatoes? 
  • what interests you about tomatoes? The variety of their glossy colours? Their smell? Memories of your grandmother’s garden?
  • what are your marks?
  • what colors do you naturally reach for?
  • do you like to work small or large?
  • do you like to have control, or go with surprises?
  • do you like a particular visual element? - ‘thin edges’ or ‘dark outlines’ for example


Think about the things that you ‘like’:

  • what do they make you think of?
  • what do they make you feel?    
  • what do they mean to you?


I like pale, attenuated shapes. Here is a ‘mind map’ of things that these shapes make me think of:


These ideas form a sort of ‘thought bubble’ within which I can work. The image at the top of the post, “Wind Through My Bones”, captures some of these thoughts and feelings.


Sometimes the linkages between things and ideas are hard to explain. My husband, a jazz musician, is a very creative man. Sitting at the breakfast table, we might mention kangaroos. The next thing out of his mouth is “twilight is the breath of both life and death”. I gape. His mind has gone from kangaroos, to Australia, to a 1950’s jazz album by someone who played a famous concert in Melbourne, to the title of that song “Twilight Dreaming”. After ten years of marriage, he still loses me frequently : )


So let your mind wander. 

Explore what interests you. If you are interested in octopuses, read about them, look for images and video of them, sketch them, research their varieties and where they live.


Next time we’ll talk more about how to recognize the ideas and meaning that start to emerge.

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