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I’m interrupting the series on Deepening Meaning in Your Artwork. My plans and artwork were recently interrupted when I broke my ankle. Things came to a sudden halt. 


I had several large experimental piece on the go in the studio. I had two summer school art teaching gigs coming up at Metchosin Summer School of the Arts and Gibsons Summer School of the Arts


Suddenly, there was:

  • no standing/reaching/walking back and forth to view large art works
  • no driving, so all the errands, grocery runs etc fell to my husband at what is one of the busiest times of his year
  • lots of stairs: I live in a narrow 3-story townhouse, so I had to plan ahead to minimize trips up and down the stairs

Even carrying a cup of tea required ingenuity. A six block trip to my bank entailed calling a cab, waiting, waiting... then I did four errands on the same block and called a cab to get home. And waited...  I hate to think about how much money I've paid in cab fares in the last 2 weeks


I'm very fortunate in that my break was less serious than many. I have crutches and a walking 'boot' that I don't have to wear in the house. No plaster cast. No surgery. But no upper body strength either, apparently! Both art summer schools, both staff and random folks, have been fantastic about making accommodations so that I can teach my workshops as planned. Thank you for that!  


Luckily, I had a pad of lovely thick paper, some pens/pencils, and even a tiny watercolor kit at home. So with one foot up on an adjacent chair, I've been doodling, sketching, and experimenting. I challenged my self to work on a grid and on an all-over pattern, neither of which is a natural impulse for me. Here are the results of some of this work:

It's been enjoyable to just experiment. It's pretty hard to get tense over a 10"x9" piece of paper! I've challenged myself to try some compositions that I don't naturally gravitate towards, and, in doing so, have increased my range.


What might you do if you stepped outside of your normal routine?


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