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The Crawl is coming! With over 400 studios open, and many thousands of visitors, it can be a bit overwhelming. Here are some tips for making your Crawl the most enjoyable experience possible.


1. Research

  • Check out the participating artists on the Crawl website. Scroll down and see what catches your eye, or be more focused and filter by medium or building. The printed program also lists the artists’ mediums, and indicates artists who are new to the Crawl too, so you can check out.
  • Visit the preview shows to see what you like. There are four venues featuring the art of dozens of Crawl artists: The Cultch, The Firehall, The Arts Factory, and Alternative Creations Gallery. I have a painting at The Cultch Gallery, 1895 Venables.

2. Pace Yourself

  • There is no way you will be able to see everything. It’s good to accept this fact right up front. 
  • A good strategy is to plan visits to a few favourite studios and one studio building/area that’s new to you. 
  • Pick one area/building per day. Focus and enjoy!
  • Plan to take breaks for food and beverages (I know it’s hard to tear yourself away). Some studios may offer light refreshments as well.

3. Avoid the Crowds

  • Visit a smaller studio building or outlying area. The Crawl is more than 1000 Parker Street. There are many fantastic artists in ‘Parker’, but there are over 300 studios in the rest of the Crawl area, from Quebec to Clark, 1st Avenue to the water. Check out the map for ideas. 
  • Go on Thursday or Friday evening.
  • Even crowded areas are less so in the first and last hours of each day. 

4. Getting around

  • Parking is always a hassle, and especially so when thousands of people are converging on the same venues. Plan to take transit, bike (there’s a Bike Valet at Parker and Clark), or walk. Definitely wear comfortable walking shoes. 
  • There is also a free MODO shuttle that will get you from to and from various areas of the Crawl.

5. Have some fun!

  • Go with a couple of friends
  • Take in some of the many free demos. I'm giving a demo on photo transfer technique at 7pm Thursday November 16th.
  • Try something a bit different. The Culture Crawl Festival has grown to include a number of art activities in addition to the open studios: Moving Pictures, installations, etc. The Culture Crawl website has 3 pages of events and demos. 


Useful Links:

Crawl website 

Crawl Map  (on screen and downloadable)

Crawl Printed Program - available in many venues around the city, or download

my . artist run website