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Many of you have been fascinated by my use of photo transfers in my PortTown series. I love using photo transfers for a number of reasons.


  • Over the years, I have amassed a lot of photographs of ports in various cities in North America and Europe. I love sifting through and seeing them again. It brings back enjoyable memories.
  • Photo transfers are a way to add detail quickly and precisely. I remember drawing this kind of detail in architectural drawings. So glad I don't have to do so now! 
  • The straight lines and sharp detail contrast nicely with the surface patina and rougher, slightly crooked handdrawn elements. This also reflects one aspect of the port areas: old surfaces that have been out in the salt air for decades, and new modern industrial or residential buildings.
  • Sometimes I use a photo transfer to depict a specific structure. Other times, I use it more as a graphic element - a shape of particular tone and texture.
  • I love the deep blacks that I've been getting from these transfers! I have a love for deep velvety blacks.


In this piece, I'm using photo transfer to create a sense of detail, texture, and deep values:

The Edge of Urban Time

(48"x36", mixed media and collage on wood panel, $3600, available at time of posting)



Here, photo transfer is a quick way to depict a specific, detailed structure:

Looking For An Aerial View

(20"x16", mixed media and collage on wood panel, sold)



In this piece, photo transfer creates a large, graphic shape of a particular tone and texture.

Sometimes Windows Get Broken When Clamouring For The Best View

(16"x20", mixed media and collage on wood panel, sold)



Check my website events listing for free demos on the technique.


How might you use photographs in your artwork?


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