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We all have a romantic idea of the artist in his/her studio, channelling the creative muse. But like the swan, legs churning away beneath the tranquil water's surface, there is alot of work behind the scenes that goes into being a successful practicing artist.

In order to be more consistent in my non-studio activities, I'm following this plan:  Every week, I will spend at least 30 minutes doing these scheduled activities:


Money Mondays

Pay bills, do bookkeeping, send invoices...

Toot My Horn Tuesdays

Blog posts, distribute flyers, send out press releases, ...

Widen My Circle Wednesdays

Follow up on leads, communicate with other artists, ...

Teach Myself Thursdays

Learn one new feature on a software program, try a new technique, ...

Fill The Well Fridays

Recharge or explore (from The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron)

Powerful Pictures (Pick A Day)

(Saturday or Sunday or a weekday in addition to the regularly scheduled activity)

Photograph my work, edit/organize photos, print portfolio pages, update website galleries, ...


"30 minutes" sound like a short enough time that I don't talk myself out of beginning. And I can usually squeeze 30 minutes in even if I'm super busy with something else. Once I get into an activity, I often work for more than 30 minutes with ease, but I consider myself successful if I do the 30 minutes.


Thanks to Deb Chaney for the idea, and to Gwen Fox for the recent boot, applied strategically : )  Check in with me in a month and see how will I'm managing to stick with my plan!


Other artists and small business owners - how do you manage all this 'behind the scenes' work? Do you do it all yourself, or enlist paid or unpaid assistance?

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