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Many of my paintings start with a playful, experimental phase that establishes a base of color and texture. Sometimes I have an idea or theme in mind, but I definitely don't plan out exactly how the piece is going to look when it's finished. Here's how a small piece called "Sea Slug 1" evolved:


Starting on the left, I was playing with watercolors and inks on a canvas panel coated with absorbent ground. 

Sea creatures is a recurring theme in my work. In the second image from the left, I've joined two shapes together with a blue outline and added some texture with a sea slug in mind.

In the third image, I add some orange conical protrusions, like ones I saw on a sea slug out at Bamfield some years ago. 

At far right is the finished image. A wash of slightly darker value around the slug shape helps differentiate it from the background. Voila!

Next week: "So how do you know when you're finished?!!"


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