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In Montreal recently, I had the chance to see several paintings by Jean-Paul Riopelle (1923-2002), a celebrated Canadian painter. The experience reemphasized for me the importance of seeing paintings in real life vs digital images. I think the same is true about hearing live music, and seeing live theatre or dance. 


bg_42241401199566.jpgUntitled, 1951, oil on canvas   


Images of Riopelle's work in books did not wow me. The depth, detail, and physicality of the real painting in front of me had huge impact. In addition, there is the experience of being in a city, in an architectural space, with paintings grouped by a knowledgeable curator, and with other people.


While we are blessed, in this digital age, with access to so much art that would previously have been unattainable, please remember that there is huge value in going out to see live art.



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