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Jazz Fest is on in Vancouver, so music and art are on my mind. So often, one inspires the other. 


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My husband, a jazz trumpet player is inspired by paintings, especially Kandinsky. I painted a series of works over five days in the studio, listening to a mixdown of his latest recording. The one shown ended up on the cover of the "Casual Coordinates" cd by his East Side Quintet. I'm also really looking forward to seeing the Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller exhibit "Lost In The Memory Place" at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Cardiff uses music and sound as a medium in her works such as "40 Part Motet" and "The Murder Of Crows".


There are so many parallels in the process of creating music and art. Cooking too, although I'll save that for another post : ) Sometimes I sketch when out listening to music - maybe quick sketches of the musicians and surroundings, but often abstract things that are brought to the surface by the music. 


Are you inspired by music?  How does it manifest in your work?


If you play music in the studio while you work, what do you listen to? 

In my studio, you'll hear everything from swinging jazz to classic rock tunes, a bit of classical, and country radio. And sometimes all you hear is the people and traffic swirling past, and the swish of the brush in the water jug : )

Happy listening and happy painting!


1. "Composition No. 8" by Kandinsky

2. "Flight of Crows" by Lori Sokoluk

3. "40 Part Motet" by Janet Cardiff

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