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Experimentation is an incredibly powerful exercise. It's a great way to try out a new technique, or just blow the cobwebs out of the creative channels!  


When experimenting, it's important to:

  • Remove any expectation of producing finished work (although sometimes the experiments turn out great!)
  • Set up space so that you have lots of room and materials at hand. You never know what will inspire you to pick up the perfect kind of crayon, etc.
  • Start small. If I get a result I like, I'll move to work on larger pieces.
  • Don't worry about using materials. Companies have R&D budgets. This is your Research & Development!
  • Give yourself some time to see what emerges. Don't expect miracles in the first couple of hours. Leave work out and come back and look at it.

I did a week of experimentation about 3 years ago. It started something that is still informing my way of working. Recently, I've been back in the studio doing some more experimenting. A new series is starting to formulate itself in my mind's eye, and I'm trying out techniques to see what will get me there. I'll let you know what happens!

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