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Last week, I wrote about favourite tools. This week, I’ll show you some of mine. I do use a variety of media and tools in my work, but 80% of my acrylic paintings are done with the same two brushes, and 99% of my watercolors with the same 3 brushes. Several I’ve used for over 10 years, and they are all still in excellent condition.


From left to right, my favorites are:

For watercolors:

  • 3/4” flat (this one says ‘series 2850 Japan’, but no brand. I’ve had this brush for 20 years!!)
  • 2” thin flat (Nobel 7110 China)
  • #8 round synthetic (Robert Simmons “Expressions” E85, but I also like Winsor & Newton Sceptre Gold Synthetic/Sable blend)
  • CJAS Fritch Scrubber (from Cheap Joe’s Art Supplies out of the States)

For acrylics:

  • Princeton Art & Brush Co. 6300 series #12 angled bright
  • Opus Mezzo series 1/2” angled bright
  • Princeton Art & Brush Co. 6200 series #16 and #4 filbert

I’ll share tips for the care of your brushes in an upcoming post.

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