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We just celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend.  In terms of my artwork, I am exceedingly thankful for:

  1. A very creative, supportive husband who almost always replies "Great! Go!" when I say "I'm going to the studio". How lucky am I? Through him, I am also part of a music community that welcomes and inspires me.
  2. My studio - a safe, lovely space in which to create. I have been very fortunate to have had this space for 6.5 years now. The owner and manager appreciate artists. People know where to find me, and I have windows on a high traffic route in which to display my work. 
  3. My teachers. Especially my high school art teacher, Gregg Johnson, who was the first ‘artist’ I ever met, and who started me on my way. And Suzanne Northcott, who more recently created the environment in which I was able to experience a breakthrough to my own true voice.
  4. My years living in Boston and New York City. So much visual stimuli and access to amazing galleries and museums! Talk about 'feeding the well'.
  5. The support and friendship of wonderful artist friends in my community now. You inspire me, challenge me, mentor me, make me laugh and let me cry. Whether it's business advice, new discoveries when I come in to the shared studio, or hand-painted postcards in the mail, I truly love and value each one of you.

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