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Thanks to the over 40 people who responded to my request and suggested names for this recent painting of mine! The majority of suggestions spoke about storms, ice and snow, dragons, and peacocks.


In the end, I awarded $50 credit towards purchase of art and also added two $40 prizes for painting names that I love as well. My husband, Kevin Elaschuk, gets an honorable mention (“I guess it would be nepotism if I won?”;  “Yes, it would”).


Thanks to Linda for the winning title: "Base Camp".

I love the reference to being out in the landscape, and I can see the glowing, lantern-lit tent in the focal point. “Base Camp” also connotates a jumping-off point, possibly the eve of a challenging journey or trek. That has personal resonance for me just now : )


Thanks also to Rain for “Dragon’s Breath” and Meghan for “Virga Drop”. Virga, I now know, is precipitation that evaporates before it reaches the ground. While I didn’t select these names for this particular painting, I can see paintings forming in my mind’s eye when I think of them. Watch for them!


Honorable mention goes out to Kevin for “23 Skidoo” and to the anonymous suggestion “Birds Only Play Golf On The Precipice”.

Check out this recent post about the importance of naming and how I go about it.

Thanks again for all your suggestions!

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