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Happy New Year to you, and thank you for being a part of my year. I truly value your support, enthusiasm, and friendship. 2015 has been a great art year for me, building momentum for what I intend to be some big changes in the year ahead. 


Here's a quick look back, then ahead...


2015 opened with an exhibition with the Art Azo Group at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery. “Azo Gold”, I painted an entirely new series that aligned with the theme - my series was entitled “Precious Things Hidden In The Earth” which encompassed precious metals and gems, the fertile earth, and my ancestors’ bones. You can read more about it here.




This summer, my studio building changed ownership and renovations began. The new owners are using my ground floor studio as a site construction office, so I’ve moved temporarily up to the third floor. I love having a view of the port, and my newest work is definitely inspired by my new outlook.




I started getting used to my new studio by doing some experimental work focused on integrating drawing and painting. I worked primarily with black, white and buff using all kinds of media and collage. The work was very freeing for me, has been hugely popular, and led me directly into the new PortTown series.




My teaching was focused on working with the Artists of Kerrisdale in the fall term. They are a lovely energetic group that I have worked with previously, and I’ll be back with them in 2017. Each weekly session starts with a demo or inspiring talk before we shift gears into one-on-one time with each artist in turn.




In November, I shifted my focus to the business side of things, attending the Art Biz Breakthough conference put on by Alyson Stanfield and ArtBizCoach.com. It was incredibly energizing to meet artists from all over North America and forge some new friendships.




November also brought the 19th Annual Eastside Culture Crawl. Over 800 people visited my studio. If you climbed the stairs to say hello and see my new work, I thank you sincerely! I had great conversations with folks, and received very positive feedback on my newest work.




My big goals for 2016 are:


1. Up the level of mastery in my work
I have been accepted into a Steven Aimone Master Residency in late January. I’ve watched the work of a friend has been working with him for a few years evolve into a beautiful expressive abstract style, and I'm excited to turbo-charge my own artistic growth.

2. Up the level of professionalism in my art business
I will be continuing to work with Alyson Stanfield Art Biz Coach as part of her Inner Circle, focusing on better marketing and business practices that I will need as my art career evolves. 

3. Establish a new studio space with well-suited studio mates
February will mark 8 years that I have had a studio in the Hamilton Bank Building. It's been a great run in a cool building. However, in March, I will be opening the new REDSOKIL ARTS location in the Paneficio building in Strathcona. Like my current studio, it's a beautiful space with a lot of history in the heart of a great neighbourhood. Look for the invitation to our studio opening in the next newsletter.

4. Inspire other artists
Despite being pretty busy with the first three activities, I will continue to teach and share my enthusiasm with other artists. See my website for more course/demo details.

5. Serve my community
I continue to serve on the Board of Directors of the Eastside Culture Crawl Society. 2016 will be our 20th year, so there will be lots of special programming to celebrate! 




I feel like wheel is turning and I am so excited about the new cycle that is beginning. If you want to keep in touch, please like my Facebook art page.

Thank you for supporting original art. See you in 2016,


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