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An Artists Residency


My port-inspired series developed in surprising new directions as a result of intense continuous focus on the work at a week-long residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida run by Aimone Art Services. Steve Aimone offered timely questions and suggestions that helped me dig deeply into my intent, and the other artists were supportive and enthusiastic. It was fabulous and liberating to live, breath, talk about, and make art 24/7! 

I’ll be sharing more of the work that came out of this residency over the next couple of months. Look for it in my upcoming exhibit “Industrial Dreamscapes” at Britannia Gallery on April 6-29, 2016, check out my Facebook page, Instagram, or visit my studio Feb 6th (I’m open for First Saturday Open Studios).   


If you don’t have a formal residency scheduled, consider setting up  with an artist friend or two. Schedule a few days where you sequester yourself from daily life and work like fiends in the studio. 


I know artists who have done many residencies. This was my first, and I’m definitely interested in doing more. My regular studio practice is grounding and productive, but a residency is an opportunity to grow by leaps and bounds.


Have you ever done an artist’s residency?  What did you find were the main benefits?

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