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I read blog posts and hear artists talking about ‘working in a series’ - is it important? What if I have a ton of interesting ideas? For me, working in a series is about having an idea or exploration that is interesting enough to sustain me over a (longish) period of time and that I explore repeatedly in a number of works. This comes naturally to me. 


For me, pieces in a series don’t have to exhibit exactly the same style, technique, and presentation (although, I have to say it, that makes for a fantastically coherent exhibition). 


At my recent artist residency, I continued work on a series based on the imagery of all the ports I’ve known and loved in many cities around the world. I’ve wandered, sketched, photographed, and observed ports in Manchester, Halifax, Montreal, Chicago, and Vancouver to name a few. Read more about this series here


My explorations are currently taking three main directions:


  1. PortTown Sketch 3 (mixed media on paper, 8”x5.5”, $70, available at time of post)
  2. PortTown 1 (mixed media on canvas, 28”x22”, $1340, available at time of post)
  3. detail of in progress mylar piece 

1. Sketches

These are small pieces that I complete quickly. I am using the imagery and some of the same techniques as in the more developed pieces: port structures, crows, drawn line, areas of flat color, collaged lift prints 


2. Paintings 

These are fully devleloped studio pieces on canvas or wood panel


3. Explorations on mylar

I’m experimenting with the translucency of mylar to give a sense of mist, layers, and shifting images.


The works are clearly related in terms of imagery, drawn line and painted areas, drips, and color palette. I’ll be sharing more about each of these avenues of exploration in upcoming posts.


Do you work in series? 


Does it come naturally to you, or does it feel like you are forced to ignore a lot of other great ideas to meet the expectations of a gallery or collectors?

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