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At my recent artist residency, I made some breakthroughs working on mylar.

PortTown 4 (mixed media on mylar, 36”x24”, available at time of posting)


I’ve been fascinated with mylar since doing a collaborative project on mylar several years ago. Finally, in my PortTown series, I had a concept that lends itself naturally to the translucency of mylar. The edge of water and land is in constant flux. The view of the port comes in and out of focus as fog, mist, and rain come and go.


I use mylar that is matte on both sides. This provides a level of translucency that appeals to me, and the matte finish lends a nice ‘tooth’ for drawing. I like the heavy feel of the material and the clean edges. In addition:

  • I can draw on the front and back
  • acrylic paint applied on the back results in a beautiful homogeneous matte block of color when viewed from the front
  • the translucency of the mylar diffuses things collaged in from the back

I'll be posting more work on mylar in the upcoming weeks, so check back for new work on my website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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