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I draw for many reasons. Drawing can be:

  1. A way to focus your attention, look and capture with exactitude something in front of you, like a model or still life. 
  2. A way to explore and get to know something. Think of sketching your cat many times over a summer. 
  3. A way to place emphasis on what interests you. What do you choose to draw? Which portions catch your attention? 
  4. A means of self-expression - exploration, ideas or feelings. 
  5. A means of planning something out
  6. A means of notetaking and maintaining focus

We’ll look at some of these in more detail in upcoming posts.

Meanwhile, perhaps it would be interesting to think about “why do I draw?”



  1. Gooseneck Barnacles (approx 7”x5”, graphite and colored pencil in sketchbook, nfs)
  2. Figure sketches (24”x18”, acrylic paint on paper, nfs)
  3. Crevice with Barnacles (approx 7”x5”, graphite and watercolor in sketchbook, nfs)
  4. Black Pool (24”x18”, mixed media on paper, $600)

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