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Today in the studio I was transforming my art. Specifically, I reworked a painting from earlier this year that I was not satisfied with, and transformed it.

Watching the Dark Water (PortTown 8) (36"x36" acrylic and graphite on canvas $2850, available at time of posting)


I'd always felt the original version, on the left, was a bit 'thin'. Recently, I'd used dark wiped areas on a couple of paintings, and was very satisfied with the result. Given I wasn't happy with where this piece was, what did I have to lose? I applied a similar wash, and a pale blue-grey band above it.


Two simple but bold changes, and I'm much happier with the result!


What are other ways you can transform a painting?

  • use it as a base for a new painting, letting bits of the underpainting show through
  • glaze over part of all of it
  • turn it upside down and work into it abstractly
  • cut it up and make smaller pieces, or collage the bits into a new work

Be bold! You might be surprised...


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