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It’s been a while since I’ve shown you my dirty laundry (meaning a painting in progress!). I’ll walk you through the development of a favourite painting entitled Aeons 2. It’s a large piece that I really enjoyed working on.


1. Get some stuff down

I put down layers of color and texture without a design in mind.



2. Start working with intention

I start cutting in shapes and apply metallic foil to the focus point(s). Did you notice that the piece has been turned upside down?

3. Pull it together

A lot has happened since the previous image. Often when I work this way, a painting can get very busy and fragmented. I pull it together by creating three main shapes:

  • top shape has the most saturated colour and contrast, and contains the focal point(s)
  • middle shape is an icy light value
  • bottom shape is a dark value with a bunch of subtle complexity going on

4. Finishing

I make a few tweaks in the top two shapes. I add layers of dark blue glazes to the bottom so that it hangs together better as a single shape.


Aeons 2 (42”x72”, acrylic, mixed media and metallic collage on canvas, $5800, available at time of posting)



I’m happy with the results. What do you think?

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