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BOYB (Build On Your Basics) - Watercolors Level 2

Are you ready to take your watercolor painting to the next level?



Do you have some experience with watercolors, but struggle to know how to start a new painting?


Are you unsure of how to get the effects you want to achieve in watercolors?


BOYB (Build On Your Basics)

Watercolor Painting Level 2

4 sessions of 3.5 hours



Join me at my studio and develop your watercolor skills. You will come away with solid skills, including:

  • greater skill in 10 fundamental watercolor skills
  • increased precision with your brush
  • understanding of strategies that develop a painting from start to finish

and unique to this workshop:

  • guidance in developing your next painting
  • personalized review of one of your own watercolor paintings (bring the original or a true-color print)

 * * *



4 sessions



Please contact me if you would like to be the first to hear when this course is offered.


* * *


This is part of my studio-based workshop series. Designed to make the most of your precious time, these small-group sessions include a mix of instruction, hands-on practice, and personalized guidance that's unique in the workshop world and focused on you. 


This instruction won't be offered anywhere else, and

registration is limited to 7 students




Do you have questions? Email me.

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