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Color Mixing and Strategy In Depth


It's not easy being green. Or puce, or verdigris...




Do you struggle to create the exact color you are looking for?


Do your eyes glaze over at the thought of theoretical color theory explanations or complicated color wheels with miniscule type?


Do you wonder why your paintings feel muddy or dull, or why they don't create the mood you're trying to convey?


Join me at my studio to work with color. You will come away with a solid foundation in the most important aspects of color mixing, including:


  • confidence in mixing clear bright colors
  • understanding the value of neutrals and how to get them
  • master subtle variations of color for interest and complexity
  • my copyrighted simple color wheel that encapsulates these lessons for future reference
  • tips to address specific color challenges in watercolor and/or acrylic
  • understanding the emotional impact of color
  • tried-and-true color strategies for harmonious paintings

  and unique to this workshop:


  • tackle a specific color challenge that you are experiencing
  • get to know a new color that you’re eager to try out
  • personalized color review and guidance for one of your own paintings (bring the original or a true-color print)

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Color Mixing and Strategy In Depth

Coming Summer 2017.


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the next time this workshop is scheduled,

please contact me.


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This is part of my studio-based workshop series. Designed to make the most of your precious time, these small-group sessions include a mix of instruction, hands-on practice, and personalized guidance that's unique in the workshop world and focused on you. 


This instruction won't be offered anywhere else, and

registration is limited to 8 students




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