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Creating Acrylics That Glow

Do you want your acrylic paintings to have depth and glow?

Do you struggle with acrylic paintings looking dull, flat or plastic-y?


Creating Acrylics That Glow

Wednesdays April 11, 18th, 2018

6-8:30 pm


Acrylic paintings can have incredible luminosity, but it takes a few key techniques to get that glow. Join me at my studio and find out how to manipulate the painting and your design to create depth, luminosity and glowing light in your acyrlic paintings. You will come away with solid skills, including:

  • confidence in creating glowing colors
  • understanding strategies to design a painting that conveys light
  • learn how to get the glow back if you've gone to far into dullness

and unique to this workshop:

  • guidance in developing your next painting
  • personalized review of one of your own acrylic paintings (bring the original or a true-color print)

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Creating Acrylics That Glow

2 sessions

Wednesdays April 11 and 18th




Please contact me to register.


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This is part of my studio-based workshop series. Designed to make the most of your precious time, these small-group sessions include a mix of instruction, hands-on practice, and personalized guidance that's unique in the workshop world and focused on you. 


This instruction won't be offered anywhere else, and

registration is limited to 6 students


Do you have questions? Email me.

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