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Celebrating our duality. Seeking the epic story behind everyday life.



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Current Work


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I'm currently working on a series inspired by all the ports I've known and loved. 

I love the patina, sense of history, and the structural shapes of the buildings and cranes. I love the sense of mystery that ports and fog and rain evoke. This series combines my architectural background, my love of mark-making, and my fascination with cities. You can find out more here and see the new work.


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My Process


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Intention and intuition play equally important roles in my creative process. I begin with assemblage, removal and playful curious experimentation. Sometimes the energy of a particular place, thought or feeling inspires me; sometimes these emerge during the process. Texture, collage, and mixed media layer to build a sense of detail, mystery and personal vocabulary. Intuition guides and discernment hones the finished pieces. 


Lee Bontecou, Joan Mitchell, John Marin and Odilon Redon are sources of inspiration, as is the occasional glass of single malt whiskey. I rely on freedom of expression and my willingness to address both the light and dark sides of our nature to create powerful, highly abstracted pieces.


After a career in architecture, private studies and courses at the School of Visual Arts in New York City have allowed me to explore and deepen my creative expression. My paintings can be found in private and institutional collections in Canada, the United States, Japan, Pakistan, India, and the United Kingdom. I love to share my joyful creative process with my students. My studio, REDSOKIL ARTS, is based in Vancouver, Canada. 


You can hear more about my inspiration and working process in this short video. 

(credit: Arwen Hunter, somethingsomethingstudios.com)



Surprising Facts 


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I love big cities.

I love to dance and ride my bike. I feel like I'm 8 years old again!

I have a second degree black belt in Okinawan karate.

I enjoy a glass of single malt scotch whiskey.

I like the intimacy of working on and viewing small pieces. I also love the big energy and physicality of working on large paintings.

I do deep personal work because it is very satisfying to live with authenticity and purpose.



Selected Exhibitions and Residencies


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(* indicates a solo or two-person show) 


2017 ∙ * "PortTown". The Cultch Gallery. Vancouver, BC


2016 ∙  "As The Crow Flies". The Cultch Gallery. Vancouver, BC


2016 ∙ * "Industrial Dreamscapes". Britannia Art Gallery. Vancouver, BC 


2016 ∙ Master Class Residency with Steven Aimone. Atlantic Center for the Arts. New Smyrna, FL


2015 ∙ "Azo Gold". Gibsons Public Art Gallery. Gibsons, BC


2015 ∙ "NOW In The Trees". Music-Art performance piece. Vancouver, BC


2015 ∙ "Works On Paper". Federation Gallery. Vancouver, BC


2014 ∙ "Pieced Together". East Vancouver Cultural Centre. Vancouver, BC


2014 ∙ "Summer Gallery". Federation Gallery. Vancouver, BC


2014 ∙ "Canvas Unbound". Federation Gallery. Vancouver, BC


2014 ∙ * "Form and Place". Britannia Art Gallery. Vancouver, BC


2013 ∙ "The Drawing". East Vancouver Cultural Centre. Vancouver, BC


2013 ∙ "Then and Now". Britannia Art Gallery. Vancouver, BC


2013 ∙ U8 International Juried Show. SOPA Gallery. Kelowna, BC


2013 ∙ National Open Juried Show. Old Courthouse Cultural Centre. Kamloops, BC


2013 ∙ "Transitions". Federation Gallery. Vancouver, BC


2013 ∙ Works On Paper. Federation Gallery. Vancouver, BC


2013 ∙ Abstract Show. Federation Gallery. Vancouver, BC


2012 ∙ "The Circle". Vancouver East Cultural Centre. Vancouver, BC


2012 ∙ Landscape Show. Federation Gallery. Vancouver, BC


2012 ∙ Abstract Show. Federation Gallery. Vancouver, BC


2011 ∙ Autumn Salon Show. Federation Gallery. Vancouver, BC


2011 ∙ National Juried Open Show. Old Courthouse Cultural Centre. Kamloops, BC


2011 ∙ Landscape Juried Show. Federation Gallery. Vancouver, BC


2010 ∙ Canadian Landscape National Juried Exhibition. Agnes Jamieson Gallery. Minden Hills, ON


2010 ∙ * “These Things I Know”. North Vancouver District Hall Gallery. Vancouver, BC


2010 ∙ The Cheaper Show No. 9. Vancouver, BC


2010 ∙ Annual Juried Competition. Leighdon Gallery. Vancouver, BC


2010 ∙ National Juried Open Show. Old Courthouse Cultural Centre. Kamloops, BC


2010 ∙ “Still Life Show”. Federation Gallery. Vancouver, BC


2010 ∙ “Landscapes”. Federation Gallery. Vancouver, BC


2010 ∙ “Capturing The Canadian Spririt”. Federation Gallery. Vancouver, BC


2009 ∙ *“The Crow Show”. Britannia Art Gallery. Vancouver, BC


2009 ∙ “Oceans of Art 2”. Nanaimo Art Gallery. Nanaimo, BC


2009 ∙ “Art Benefit for The Salvation Army Harbour Light”. Chapel Arts. Vancouver, BC


2009 ∙ Mixed Media Show. Federation Gallery. Vancouver, BC


2008 ∙ “Turning Point”. Britannia Art Gallery. Vancouver BC


2007 ∙ “Art In The Garden” Benefit for the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Vancouver, BC


2006 ∙ *Vancouver East Cultural Center. Vancouver, BC


2004, 2006 ∙ Centre d’Arts Visuels de l’Alberta. Edmonton, AB


2004 ∙ “Art For Life” Breast Cancer Benefit. Vancouver, BC


2004 ∙ Centre d’Arts Visuels de l’Alberta. Edmonton, AB


2004 ∙ “Another Blooming Show”. Art of Life Studio/Gallery. Vancouver, BC


2004 ∙ “Reality, Only Better”. Federation Gallery. Vancouver, BC


2003 ∙ “Nine Truths”. A Space Gallery. Brooklyn, NY


2000 ∙ New York Cares. Five murals for Dr. Peter Ray School. Brooklyn, NY


2000 ∙ “The Freshness of Experience”. The Art Space, Shambhala Center. New York, NY


1997 ∙ “Stealth”. Art Walk Festival. Calgary, AB


1987 ∙ “Urban Explorations”. Technical University of Nova Scotia. Halifax, NS


1986 ∙ “Four Corners of the Earth”. Technical University of Nova Scotia. Halifax, NS


1983 ∙ “CityScapes”. Three-story fabric mural in atrium space. Edmonton, AB






New York City Department of Education. New York, NY; Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS; Edmonton Public School Board. Edmonton, AB



Private collections across Canada, Japan, France, England, Australia, India, Pakistan, and the USA.






Art Instructor

Vancouver Parks and Recreation, North Shore Artists Guild, Naramata Centre, REDSOKIL ARTS, Art Of Life Studio/Gallery. Vancouver, BC and Naramata, BC



Art Demonstrator

North Shore Artists Guild, Vancouver Sketch Club, Richmond Artists Guild, Opus Framing and Art Supplies.  Vancouver, BC.



Visiting Architectural Critic

Massachusetts College of Art., Boston Architectural Center. Boston, MA



Design Instructor

Boston Architectural Center. Design Fundamentals, Intermediate Studio. Boston, MA






School of Visual Arts. Intermediate Painting. Watercolor. Drawing. New York, NY



Master of Architecture with Distinction. Technical University of Nova Scotia. Halifax, NS





2010 ∙ Artists of BC Volume II


2009 ∙ MultiFaith Organization 2009 Calendar


2008 ∙ Cover art for “Casual Coordinates”. Jazz cd by esq.





∙ Federation of Canadian Artists                        

∙ Vancouver Eastside Culture Crawl Society

∙ North Shore Community Arts Council

∙ Art Azo Group

∙ First Saturday Open Studios

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